General Manager/ Owner

Our fearless leader and Larry's long time friend and general manager. Boy do we have Kosta and Larry stories. Those two were quite a team together. Larry knew that Kosta had the type of knowledge and experience that would allow him to diagnose and repair any job. We know that Kosta misses hearing the "you know what I am thinking" coming from Larry's desk, and just knowing that they were both on the same page without having a conversation. Kosta's experience in the industry and friendship with Larry made him the perfect candidate to purchase Intermountain Heating & Air Conditioning. We look forward to his leadership as he continues Larry's legacy but ads his own  Kosta stamp on it.


General Assistant Manager

Curtis is an integral member of our IMH family. His dedication to customer service, work ethic, and experience are just a few of the top reasons why we trust him to make the best decisions for our customers and the company. Curtis started with the company as an apprentice, even though he had a college education in HVAC. We are very grateful to have Curtis as a part of our IMH family.



Service Technician

Alex joined our team a couple of years ago as novice, and has quickly proven his ability to diagnose and problem solve on the job. In addition to his ability to get the job done, Alex is also our go-to 'people person'. He is our friendly service technician who loves a good technical challenge. We are so thankful we have him as a part of our IMH family.


Project Coordinator

Skyler joined the team in 2020 and has quickly become member to our IMH family. He has quickly proven to be a fast learner and valuable team player.  He is not afraid to ask questions. We are so thankful that he is a part of our IMH family.




Kyle is the newest team member at Intermountain Heating & Air Conditioning. He joined our team and has proven to be a fast learner and is liked by the entire IMH team.


Office Manager

Our trusted office manager started out as seasonal, part time employee and quickly became an incredible part of our family. Larry hired Teresa full time after a couple of months and we could not be happier for that decision. We value her time, dedication and knowledge and are thankful she chose to stay on full time.




Kosta asked his daughter Silvanna and son in law, John to purchase Intermountain Heating & Air conditioning. He knew that while he has the experience in HVAC, he needed 'young blood' as he put it to help him navigate change management, and technological advantages. Silvanna is our marketing / social medial professional. While her experience lies largely in social media, and Industrial/Organizational Psychology, she enjoys her new role in marketing.


Owner/ advisor

John is our 'behind the scenes advisor'. He is a retired United States Air Force veteran. After spending 20 years in the US Air Force, John began working for a tech company remotely and joined the ranks of IMH as part owner. He is the behind the scenes team member who is a valuable advisor, problem solver, and an overall 'ideas guy'. He is Kosta's son in law and Silvanna's husband.