Indoor Air Quality Products

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As more people work from home indoor air quality becomes even more important. Indoor air can be impacted by volatile organic compounds (VOCs), pollutants, humidity and ventilation. We offer equipment to help keep your family safe. Ask our experts about which solution is best for your home.

Learn more about the type of Carrier products we offer below. 

Air Purifiers

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Whole home humidifiers play an integral part of home comfort year round.

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A dehumidifier can help improve indoor air quality, especially when additional indoor humidity can lead to mold.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide has no color, taste or smell. A carbon monoxide can help keep your home safe and should be present in every home. 



Ventilators help bring outdoor air in without compromising your system's efficiency. Reducing carbon dioxide in the home can be accomplished by opening doors and windows daily, adding plants to the home, or installing a ventilation system.