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HVAC Services

Quality Heating & Cooling Service
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Intermountain Heating & AC offers numerous HVAC services to meet the needs of homeowners.


We fully install new furnaces and air conditioners for replacements or newly constructed homes. Some of our products include the Infinity ICS Modulating Gas Furnace, the quietest furnace you can buy with precision temperature control. We also have the Infinity Series Heat Pump, Infinity Series Central Air Conditioner, and Infinity Control, which is the digital thermostat. We have Carrier Products as well. This process includes delivery, set up, complete clean up of work area and testing of the system.



Our technicians will perform maintenance services for your heating or air conditioning unit. This includes cleaning of the coils, ducts, and vents, filter replacement, inspection of all components, monitoring of starting capabilities and air pressure. We will check the vent system for proper operation and check all safety features involving connecting wires and hoses. Regular maintenance is important to get the longest lifespan out of your furnace and air conditioner. We can also inform you of simple techniques and tips to obtain an optimal environment in your home.



Your home gets uncomfortable fast when the air conditioning stop working in the summer or the heat breaks down in the winter. Whether your unit isn’t working at all or something just isn’t right, we will come out and uncover what needs to be repaired. The fix for your A/C can be simple such as replacing the fuse switch, sealing a leak, cleaning the system thoroughly, or repairing a fan blade. More complex repairs include a new compressor, condenser, or motor. We will advise you on whether it makes more sense to repair or replace the unit entirely. When it comes to furnaces, we will do everything from thorough cleaning and sealing cracks in hoses to replacing blowers, motors, wires, and thermostats. No matter what the repair is, we can complete it.

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